How to post video from YouTube to Instagram

How to post video from YouTube to Instagram

How to post YouTube videos to Instagram. Have you ever seen a YouTube video and thought "that would be a great thing to post to my Instagram!" It may be a more common feeling than you think. Both platforms are incredibly popular, but Facebook limits Instagram to user-generated content, so it's not easy to share YouTube video on Instagram.

The good news is, we know how – and we'll show you how it's done! Find Insta shortcuts in Setapp. Setapp has apps for video download, editing, Instagram posting, and more.

Have your entire workflow covered. In this article, we'll show you how to share a YouTube video on Instagram, how to post YouTube videos on Instagram, and tell you about the apps you should be using to make the whole process simple and elegant. Why Share Videos from YouTube to Instagram.

We'll show you how to post videos on Instagram, but first let's talk about why you would want to.

How to post video from YouTube to Instagram

If you're going to go through the trouble of downloading an Instagram video converter to turn a YouTube video to Instagram friendly video, you should have a good reason! Here are a few: You found something funny. Sometimes you just want to share something funny you found on YouTube, so why not! You're creating your own compilation. Maybe you're really into architecture, and want to create a compilation of amazing homes for Instagram. YouTube has a ton of great content you can download and edit.

It works for your other project. Maybe there's a snippet of video in a YouTube video you want to add to your own. You'll need to download and convert it! How to Post Videos on Instagram after Creating Them.

You don't need to download videos to post to Instagram. In fact, the app is designed to let you quickly and easily share photos and videos you create! Here's how to do it: How to create videos on Instagram.

Creating photos and videos on Instagram is easy. Here's how it's done: Open the Instagram app on your phone. Select the 'plus' icon at the bottom center of your screen On the next screen, select 'video' Press and hold the shutter button to start and stop recording of your video.

How to post videos on Instagram. After you record video using the steps above, follow these steps to post your video: Click 'next' in the upper right corner of the Instagram app Add filters, trim the length of your video, or choose the frame you want to use as your cover photo Select 'next' again Create a caption, tag people, add your location, and choose if you'd like your Instagram post cross-shared to other services like Facebook or Twitter Select 'Share' in the upper right corner of the Instagram app.

Instagram app for Mac. Grids lets you post photos and videos from Mac to Instagram. You can even post stories and send direct messages.

How to Post Videos from YouTube to Instagram. When you want to post a video from YouTube to your Instagram, there are quite a few steps you need to take.

You have to download the video from YouTube, which has to be done on a Mac or PC. Then you have to get that video onto your phone, edit it so it meets Instagram's requirements for duration, and finally upload to Instagram from your mobile device.

All of these steps are mandatory for getting YouTube video onto Instagram, but there are plenty of ways to make the process really easy. Step 1: Download videos from YouTube. Since the whole process starts with a downloaded video, you should have a direct way to grab videos from YouTube.

There are two incredible apps which make the whole process a snap. Pulltube lets you enter any URL from YouTube and get a direct download to your Mac.

All you have to do is open the app, and enter your URL. Full HD is an option if the video is HD, but there could also be a time when a lower definition suits you better. PullTube makes it all easy! Folx is another stellar app for downloading videos from YouTube, and focuses on speed.

Designed as a torrent downloader, Folx downloads YouTube videos up to 20-times faster than the competition. If you're trying to download videos in record time, Folx is your answer. Step 2: Edit and convert a video to meet Instagram's video requirements. As mentioned, Instagram has some very specific requirements for videos posted to its platform. YouTube videos simply don't meet the requirements, so you'll have to do some editing. That's where Capto comes into play.

Capto allows you to take screenshots or record your screen with ease. For those looking to upload to Instagram, Capto's screen recording tool has handy height and width adjustments you can tinker with to grab the perfect resolution for your Instagram video share. When editing in Capto, you can do things like add text, comment bubbles, or mark your screen up. It's really the perfect tool for sharing content to Instagram!

If you'd rather download a video than record your screen, Capto can handle that as well. Simply import the video to Capto, and you can edit the video's aspect ratio, length, add annotations or text, and add music.

Step 3: Upload a video from YouTube to Instagram. The full rundown of how to upload video from YouTube to Instagram goes something like this: Download video from YouTube using Elmedia Player Edit video with Capto Save video to your Mac Transfer video to your phone using iCloud sync, AirDrop, or another type of file transfer Open Instagram on your phone Select the 'Share' button on the bottom of the Instagram app screen Choose the video from your Photos library Share it to Instagram following the on-screen prompts.

That's a lot of steps! You can avoid a lot of that work with an app named Grids. Grids is an Instagram client for Mac, and allows you to view, like, comment, and search Instagram at your leisure.

You are also able to upload videos or photos with Grids – even to your Instagram Stories feed! Grids also lets you handle your direct messages on the Mac, and you can also start conversations with others. Best of all, Grids is completely native to Mac. You can view Instagram full-screen, or use it in a smaller window.

The choice is yours! Another incredible app that lets you view Instagram on your Mac is Uplet. It has a very simple drag and drop interface for both photos and videos, so you can quickly and easily upload your downloaded and edited YouTube videos directly to Instagram.

Uplet helps speed the upload process up quite a bit when you use it in tandem with Capto. Record your screen with Capto – being careful to adhere to Instagram's strict video upload rules on ratio and length – then drag the file over to Uplet, and your video will be posted. Amazing! Conclusion. Posting YouTube videos to Instagram isn't impossible, but it can be quite difficult if you don't have the proper software.

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